I was first introduced to the internet by anime, but after a couple of disaster pages, I quit and took to email and chat. When I visited my cousin, Tessa in the summer, she introduced me to an author by the name of Lisa Jane Smith, and a club called Circle Moonbeam. When I got home I went and joined CMB, and after searching through the club links I joined more clubs and soon I was recieving mail every couple of hours. Finally, after half a year of being a member of many clubs I created my own club and called it The Unity of Night or as everyone calls it, Ona-Nyx. Now I have many LJS friends such as Jessica, Adia, Lorraine, Incanto, Red and many more. I also count all of my members of past and present as my friends.

My second passion on the internet is anime/manga. I have a couple of friends in this field though not too many: AC, Alexis, Kaoru, Pauline, Tara-Chan, and more.

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